Welcome to Korea World!
We invite you to a place where you can explore Korean Culture for 24 hours and 365 days.

Korea World is a virtual space developed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Overseas Culture Promotion Center, enabling foreigners to experience and communicate about Korean culture anytime, anywhere.

KOCIS Exhibition Hall

Hallyu Contents From Foreigners

The "KOCIS Exhibition Hall," the first space revealed in Korea World, is a gallery modeled after the appearance of octagonal pavilion, and exhibits novel and diverse
Hallyu contents from a foreigner's perspective.

Here, viewers can customize their avatars, chat with each other, and try on various costumes such as hanbok and gat.

[ How To Use ]

The gallery consists of a total of six exhibition halls and an awards ceremony space.
It is a space where you can click to see and appreciate various works, create your own personal character, and walk around.

Character Controls

You can move your character using the keyboard.

You can click on objects or change their orientation.

Click on the floor to move to the location.

View, Walk and Talk

You can see the zoomed image by clicking on the artwork.

Videos are played when clicked.

You can use the Enter key to chat with other people or NPC.


[ Ready to Enjoy Korea World? ]

Download the file after reading the installation guide!